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LAMP 45 - December 1999
Lamp 45
  • Final revelations on the lost Eddystone lens
  • Childhood memories of the Lizard
  • When fog lasted longer than the tonite charges: fog memories
  • Lightvessel Pyrotechnics
  • Recent experiences afloat on Lightvessel No 18
  • A tour of Irish Lights
  • How to avoid the Millennium celebrations: a novel approach for the more affluent
  • Photofeature: Dover Lighthouses
  • A visit to South Africa
  • Augustin Jean Fresnel
  • Cover photo: Baily Lighthouse, Dublin Bay

LAMP 44 - September 1999
Lamp 44
  • Medical emergency on Longships
  • Disappearance of the old Eddystone bi-form lens
  • Survival of a Nash Point Hornsby engine
  • A tour of Tenerife
  • A lighthouse that might have been
  • Photofeature: The development of Lightvessels: Wooden LV St Nicholas, Varne, LV81 North Goodwin, Tongue, South Goodwin
  • Jean-Jacques Chalm - Lighthouse Keeper at Le Touquet
  • Henry Francis Scoates - Lightvessel Master
  • Cover photo: Cape Depera, Tenerife
  • Back cover photos: Flatholm, Monkstone, LV78 Calshot Spit: Ocean Village Southampton

LAMP 43 - June 1999
Lamp 43
  • Belle Tout back from the edge
  • Marconi Ship to Shore transmissions recreated and France reconnected to South Foreland
  • Explosive fog signals explained
  • Højen Lighthouse remembered
  • Recollections by an American of a lighthouse tour of England
  • Photofeature: Harbour Lights - Stoneness; River Thames, Northfleet; River Thames, Vlissingen; Netherlands, Le Crotoy; France
  • Cover photo: Marconi's French Connection Recreated: Princess Elettra Marconi with Barry Amateur Radio Society
  • Back cover photos: Portland Bill, LV72 English and Welsh Grounds

LAMP 42 - March 1999
Lamp 42
  • Marconi Centenary Celebrations at South Foreland
  • Photofeature: North Foreland Remembered
  • Fog guns in the Fifties
  • Remembrance Ceremony Recalled
  • Lighthouse Keepers at Trinity House
  • A few Marconi reminiscences - Interesting early experiments
  • New Warnemünde Lights
  • Beware of fog signals
  • Almost a hundred years of Ramsgate Depot
  • Cover photo: Last Lighthouse Keepers at North Foreland
  • Back cover photos: Relief of a Lightvessel Crew - in art, LV17 South Goodwin Lightvessel - in reality

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