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LAMP 112 - Summer 2017
  • Obituary: Frank Creasey - by Gordon Medlicott
  • The Executive Committee in action - David Taylor
  • Mull of Galloway lighthouse (and staff!) to feature in new film
  • The History of Rozewie II Lighthouse: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Part 1) - Apoloniusz Lysejko
  • Andrew William Rosie - Eric Thomson
  • An interview with Afternoon Pictures (ALK DVD)
  • Annual General Meeting Weekend 2017
  • ALK Lighthouse Museum - Keith Morton
  • Finders Keepers - Tales in Textiles - Connie Flynn
  • Voyaging in Lightvessels: Part 1 - Terry Bullard
  • News from St Mary's Island Lighthouse - Lin Sunderland
  • Gift Aid - Fiona Harrison
  • Engine Switch On at Mull of Galloway - Alison Smith
  • Trinity House News: Europa Point Lighthouse re-engineering complete
  • Updates from Orfordness Lighthouse
  • Antonio Molina - Andalusia's answer to the Stevensons? - Chris Cattell
  • Trips and Tips: The lighthouses of Basse-Normandie - John Grierson
  • Book Talk: A History of Floating Aids to Navigation by Adrian Wilkins
  • My Favourite Lighthouse: Fastnet - Ian Hogarth
  • Events Update - David Taylor

  • Front cover: Godrevy Lighthouse - Chris Nicholson
  • Back cover: Lighthouse Donkeys: Postcards courtesy of John Mobbs and Christopher Nicholson

LAMP 111 - Spring 2017
  • Executive Committee: trustee profiles
  • Historic plate showing British rock lighthouse design: Christopher Nicholson
  • Spending the night in Harlingen Lighthouse: Welmoed Ybema
  • West Country revisited: Gordon S Brown MBE
  • News from St Mary's Lighthouse: Lin Sunderland
  • Scottish Lighthouse Pioneers: Travels with the Stevensons in Orkney and Shetland: Paul A Lynn
  • Trips and tips: Lighthouses and pastures new: David (Bellrock) Taylor
  • Tragedy on the Longships: Peter Smith
  • Update on Orfordness Lighthouse
  • Trinity Cottage,Sennen, 60 years ago: Peter Smith
  • Admiral Sir George Zambellas joins Trinity House as an Elder Brother
  • Lighthouse Postcards: Christopher Nicholson
  • Hugh Carter- in memoriam: Keith Morton
  • My favourite lighthouse: Mull of Galloway: Ian Williams
  • Bull Rock Lighthouse, Co Cork: Ian Hogarth
  • Strumble Head - Look out! Helen Gerrard
  • ALK AGM Weekend 2017
  • Front cover: Rattray Head at dawn: Neil Barr
  • Back cover: Girdleness Lighthouse at sunset: Ian Cowe

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