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LAMP 106 - Winter 2015
  • AGM weekend reports - Portland September 2015
  • New helicopter G-GLAA for GLA contract
  • Letters to the Editor - Lindau Lighthouse, Germany; Longstone Lightship
  • The ALK Museum, Hurst Castle: Keith Morton
  • Lighthouses in Chelsea: Charles Franklyn
  • German Lighthouse Association visit: Keith Morton
  • International Lighthouse Heritage Weekend: Hurst: Keith Morton
  • Voyage with MV Balmoral: John Best
  • Happisburgh Lighthouse Zip Slide Challenge - October 2015: Joy Tubby
  • Lighthouses of Southern Ireland: Alan Beatty
  • A lighthouse keeper looks back:Terry Branfield
  • Lundy Island: Helen Gerrard
  • My favourite lighthouse: Ailsa Craig: Sarah Kerr
  • Portland Boat Trip: Gordon Medlicott
  • Memories of Westray: Gillian Lawrence
  • Walk to Cape Brett, Bay of Islands, New Zealand: Alan Johnson and Denise Schultz
  • International Lighthouse Heritage Weekend, Sweden: Exbjorn Hillberg
  • The ladies in the hats...Lighthouse Literature Mission continued: Christoper Nicholson
  • Front cover: Happisburgh Lighthouse
  • Back cover: Portland Bill

LAMP 105 - Autumn 2015
  • Hurst Point Lighthouse in Purple: Keith Morton
  • New Portland Bill Lighthouse and Visitor Centre officially opened
  • Letters to the Editor: Ushenish Lighthouse
  • New regional representatives: Dafydd Davies, Michael Rose
  • Concert review: Sofie Livebrant and friends at Hurst Castle: Caroline Franklyn
  • Lighthouse Stories: Charles Franklyn
  • Pendeen Lighthouse in January: Kirsty Andrews
  • Pentland Firth event: David Taylor
  • Orkney visit: Denise Schultz
  • My favourite lighthouse: Dunnet Head: David Taylor
  • Stilo, Poland: Apoloniusz Lysejko
  • My least favourite lighthouse: Flamborough Head: Gordon Medlicott
  • A voyage on the TH vessel Patricia: Rowena Streatfield
  • Scottish shore stations and the Isle of May Ladies: Patrick Tubby
  • Texel Lighthouse: Frans La Poutre
  • Burnham on Sea, the Lighthouse on Legs: Helen Gerrard
  • The Northern Part of West Pendeen: Mike Bender
  • Iceland Lighthouses: Kerry Larbalestier
  • Lighthouses of Shetland: John Mobbs
  • Front cover: Hurst Point Lighthouse
  • Back cover: St Mary's Lighthouse

LAMP 104 - Summer 2015
  • Trinity House Rooms: An update from Hurst Castle
  • ALK Lighthouse Passport
  • Historic Chance lens sections returned to Happisburgh: Patrick Tubby
  • The Lighthouse Literature Mission: Christopher Nicholson
  • Ushenish Lighthouse, South Uist: Denise Schultz and Alan Johnson
  • A visit to Australia: John Best
  • The Bishop and the Chopper: Gerry Douglas-Sherwood
  • My Favourite Lighthouse: St Catherine's: Ritchie Hunt-King
  • My Least Favourite Lighthouse: Flamborough Head: Gerry Douglas-Sherwood
  • The Lighthouse Service (and the perils of being too young): John Robert Scott
  • East Coast Historic Lights Weekend 17-19 April 2015
  • Cromarty Lighthouse: alive and well and just up the road: David Taylor
  • Visual Media Heritage Project: Rosalie Gibb
  • Floating about... West Penwith: Mike Bender
  • Travels to Roter Sand, Germany: Brigit van den Broek
  • Obituary: Bob Eley
  • The adventures of Salty Sam: Christina Sinclair
  • Front and back cover: Trevose Head Lighthouse

LAMP 103 - Spring 2015


  • Reports from the regions: Happisburgh Lighthouse Zip Slide Challenge, Ian Wright, New Zealand Representative, North West News
  • 20 years since the last keepers left the Needles Lighthouse for the last time
  • Living in a Lamp Post - Graham Fearn
  • New ALK Trustees
  • Kurbatova Lighthouse - from the virtual museum of lighthouses of the world
  • Commemorating the wreck of the South Goodwin Lightship
  • The Five Star Panel
  • An alternative interest in lighthouses
  • Majestic Metal Monument: Whiteford Point
  • My Favourite Lighthouse: Portland Bill
  • Ardnamurchan Pools
  • In memory of John Robert Scott, PLK
  • A day at a lighthouse - John Robert Scott
  • AGM notice
  • A few days at Cape Wrath - Sofie Livebrant
  • Artists in residence programme at Sumburgh Head
  • Floating about Teignmouth Lights
  • BBC Onine news feature on Trinity House 500th anniversary
  • Front Cover: NLB helicopter G-BEZJ 'Zulu Juliet' at Turnberry Lighthouse
  • Back Cover: St Ann's Head Lighthouse

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