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LAMP 49 - December 2000
Lamp 49
  • Irish lightships abroad
  • A Victorian visit to North Foreland
  • Tragedy at the Flannan Islands
  • Survival of an airman of Auskerry
  • Georgian Bay lighthouses, Ontario
  • Photofeature: Polish lighthouses
  • Lightvessels in Art: Life on a lightship illustrations
  • Bülk, an approach light to Kiel
  • An easier way to keep the light burning: Dalen automatic mantle changer
  • A final departure from The Needles
  • A Lighthouse Keeper with the RAF
  • Cover photo: Lighthouse at Kiel, Germany
  • Back cover photos: Point Clark Lighthouse, Ontario; Lighthouse pub at Calais

LAMP 48 - September 2000
Lamp 48
  • New beacon on the Beaulieu River
  • A visit to Dungeness Lighthouse in 1900
  • Relief of the Wolf Rock iin 1948 - more details
  • Victorian service on the Eddystone
  • Latest on Philips Lightvessels in the Netherlands
  • Scarborough Lighthouse bombardment
  • Tybee Island Lighthouse
  • A weekend lighthouse tour of Anglesey
  • The ALK lighthouse tour of North Wales
  • Dungeness Lighthouses photofeature
  • A long-serving lighthouse keeper: Jim Bowling
  • Martin Turner: owner of the Round House and cottages, Dungeness
  • Recollections of the Bardsey incident
  • Relief at the Smalls
  • Cover photo: Bardsey Lighthouse
  • Back cover photos: Point Lynas, LV18 'Breeveertien' in Rotterdam

LAMP 47 - June 2000
Lamp 47
  • When the Devil visited Bardsey
  • A lighthouse in Paradise
  • A history of Philip's Shipyard, Dartmouth
  • Helicopter aid to the Wolf in 1948
  • Marooned on the Gull Lightship in 1898
  • Trinity House and the 1971 Dover Straits Disaster
  • Tony O'Neill: Conservator and Restorer of Harwich Lights
  • Gustaf Dalen: Gifted inventor of the automatic beacon lighting system
  • Photofeature: Dover's historic Roman Pharos
  • Cover photo: Fort Aguada, Goa
  • Back cover photos: LV15 Trinity, Tollesbury; Wooden LV44, Essex

LAMP 46 - March 2000
Lamp 46
  • Banana Boat hits Nab Tower
  • New use for the Old Blackwall Depot
  • Last words from Cape Hatteras
  • History of East Cowes Trinity House Depot
  • Scarborough Lighthouse history recalled
  • Life on a Lightship in the Thirties
  • Mersey Lightvessels remembered
  • Lightship cuisine to whet your appetite
  • Experiences with Whitby Occulting Light
  • Lighthouse Man in mercy-dash drama
  • Travemünde: Oldest and Highest German Lights described
  • Photofeature: Beachy Head Old and New
  • ALK Member records lighthouse heritage
  • Lighthouse Keeper Gordon Harthill
  • Cover photo: Portland Bill
  • Back cover photos: Painting: a lightvessel in wartime, LV19 Sevenstones Lightvessel moored at Southampton for refitting
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